"How to Deliver medford wine to portland trade partners in 48-hours"

(Without the stress of managing each delivery!)

up your game with Swift comprehensive wine shipping solution!

DAY 01

Pickup from medford wineries

24 Hours

direct route to Our Portland hub

48 Hours

portland delivery to trade customers

72 Hours

Or Delivered to hubs across the northwest

delivering to trade customers in Portland

Swift Couriers is a regional full-service logistics company, with headquarters strategically located in Portland Oregon. For 20+ years, Swift has been providing QUICK delivery with simple competitive pricing to trade customers all over the Portland Metro Area and SW Washington. Or your wine is on it’s way to trade customers all over Washington and Oregon. 

FAST Delivery to portland

Dash Delivery offers Next Day delivery to our Portland Hub

Dash has delivery vans in Medford with flexible pickup options. Once your wine is at our Medford Hub, we’ll position it to get to Portland the next day.

Pickup Is Easy with Dash and Swift!

flexable pickup schedule

We make moving wine around Medford more convenient than ever. Swift offers 2-hour pickup window and convenient later pickup times that works for your winery.

special delivery procedures

Swift labels has room for special instructions. Restaurant hours may vary, maybe they don't want us to deliver through the front door. Add your instructions and you're done!

Customers get wine they need At better value and Lower cost

Picking up cases at your winery in Medford, getting it to Portland and delivering to trade customers sounds expensive. It can be, especially when shipping one case at a time or when using national carriers and 3rd party logistics companies to piece it all together. With Swift, we fill the gap between national carriers and unpredictable local delivery services. With our Medford Wine to Portland Trade Customers Program we’re offering you creative, practical, and professional service.

Volume Discounts

In this example, shipments are discounted based on volume for delivery to one trade customer in the Portland Metro Market. The cost to pickup ONE Case at your winery in Medford, ship it to Portland and deliver it to a trade customer can cost $46.04 ($3.84 per bottle):



$16.04 PER CASE




$9.79 PER CASE




$6.56 PER CASE


A Customer Story

A Medford winery has a trade customer in Portland that has several locations, and needs the ability to ship them wine when inventory levels dictate. Because the winery has limited time to manage deliveries to multiple locations 270 miles away, it engaged Swift Couriers third party wine storage and fulfillment program. Now, when the winery receives trade orders, they simply put an order in through the swift dispatch center and they immediately get placed in our delivery system. That’s all that needed to happen, to get trade customers the wine they need at a reasonable cost.

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Delight Customers And Expand Your Reach With A Pick Up And Delivery Service That Connects Medford Wineries With Cases To Send To Drivers Already Heading To Portland Trade Partners!