Portland, Oregon Payroll delivery services

Personalized Same day, Payroll Check Delivery Services

Swift Couriers provides Personalized Same day courier services for payroll companies. We believe in service with Accountability, dedication and superior customer service encompass our robust service offerings.

Operational efficiencies include security and control; when payroll companies come to Swift Couriers looking for solutions, their questions never go unanswered. Whether it’s confirmation of package delivery or scheduling changes, Swift Couriers has our customers’ best interests in mind.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • Parcel delivery services that are monitored and available for viewing online
  • Time commitments that are met and adhered to in all types of circumstances
  • Security, confidentiality, and sensitivity to delivering important documents on time
  • Adequate insurance levels that provide ease of mind
  • Smooth implementation of added services, routes or on-demand orders, including payroll quarterlies
  • 24/7 Customer Support that is responsive, experienced and professional
  • Reporting tools to make certain results are meeting your expectations
  • POD & Signature Capture provide accounting of all parcels across the entire supply chain in real time
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payroll Delivery
  • Same day, Next day, Check Delivery Services
  • Sensitive Document Delivery
  • Bank Delivery Services
  • Notice Delivery Service
  • Mail Pick-up and Delivery Services
  • Open 24/7, Every day of the year

Swift Couriers has managed transportation solutions you can count on, contact us today for a FREE analysis!

Managed Transportation Services

Gain control and visibility to your supply chain, reduce costs, improve performance, and increase efficiencies.

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