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Exclusively designed to improve last mile package delivery

Affordable, Predictable and  Flexible!

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Swift will deliver just about anything including, mail and parcel, court filing, architect blueprints, food, banker boxes,  personal runs, residential and much more.

Business Delivery Solutions

We provide innovative pickup and delivery strategies for local, statewide, and SW Washington companies. We specialize in Pallet Solutions, Scheduled Delivery, E-Commerce and 3rd Party Services.

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For the independent testing lab industry

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We show extreme sensitivity for specimens

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Swift Routing software saves courier costs

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Delivery and logistics in action

We’re a logistics company of hardworking, experienced people who nerd out about strategy and logistics. But never without first thoroughly listening to our clients’ needs & challenges and never at the expense of extra fees. Our pricing is simple… our targeted, industry-driven approach is designed to gain control and visibility to your supply chain… reduce costs, improve performance, and increase efficiencies.

Swift truly understands your shipping challenges.

We create integrated solutions for business that consistently deliver results.

Whether you’re a corner store, an e-commerce business or a large multi-channel retailer, the delivery dynamic has changed in today’s on-demand world where customers expect more.

Swift Delivery was exclusively designed to revolutionize last mile package delivery and returns – making last mile, same day delivery affordable, predictable, and flexible.

Swift provides a comprehensive inbound and outbound LTL freight management program, designed to take the guesswork out of LTL freight shipping and help you ship smarter and stay competitive.

Whether you’re ready to engage a new 3PL provider to expand your business or become more efficient, our regional 3PL footprint coupled with our advanced technology are designed to reduce overall costs

Your in good hands with Swift

We fill the gap between national carriers and unpredictable local delivery services. Together our management team has over 50 years experience in transportation planning, operations, logistics, and routing. Offering you creative, practical, and professional service. Our operations managers are close to our customers, know the territory, and are available for immediate response to your needs.

Delivering what matters most

A faster system for tracking & placing orders

The online delivery tracking software component of CXT Software, enables our customers to do business with us over the web and mobile devices. The mobile-first design enables our clients to track and order on all of your phones, tablets and computers. Business is always on the move and that’s why Swift puts our clients first letting you use your favorite devices from anywhere.